We support responsible redevelopment of the Miramar Hotel. We support increased revenue for the City of Santa Monica, increased on-site parking, increased open space and access to the historic Moreton Bay Fig Tree, and more jobs and affordable housing.

Miramar and Our Community

​The Miramar Hotel, a member of the Santa Monica family for generations, is proposing to make changes to its property that will enhance our Downtown and deliver real benefits to the people of Santa Monica. Friends of the Miramar supports the proposed plan for many reasons, including:​​


  • The Miramar Hotel has been a wonderful corporate citizen in our community for many years. The Miramar team has reached out to a broad cross-section of local businesses and residents for their input on the future of the hotel.
  • We want the hotel to continue serving our community by staying relevant and competitive. 
  • The proposed plan is consistent with the vision of Downtown Santa Monica and the progressive planning principles set forth in the City’s recently-enacted Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE).  For more about the LUCE, click here.
  • The proposed plan opens up the Miramar to pedestrians by removing many of the walls and structures that currently surround the hotel. We look forward to enjoying the accessible open space that the proposed plan will provide.
  • We're especially pleased that the Miramar's stately Moreton Bay Fig Tree, a City landmark since 1976, will become a prominent part of the proposed new open space.
  • The lovely Palisades Wing, originally constructed in 1924, will also be preserved.
  • The proposed project will replace two unsightly parking lots on Wilshire Boulevard with pedestrian-level retail, enlivening the street.
  • police_third_st.jpgThe proposed project will remedy what is currently a severe parking shortage at the hotel, freeing up many parking spaces on local streets for neighbors.
  • We support the Miramar's proposal to create new housing and more union jobs for our community.
  • We believe our children, seniors and all Santa Monicans deserve to benefit from the tens of millions of new tax dollars that the Miramar will generate over the coming decades for vital city services -- our schools, police and fire, libraries, and more.  


  • As the LUCE recognizes, the Miramar site is one of the most significant in our community, and a gateway to our Downtown. We believe that the proposed project is a responsible, well-planned effort to realize the tremendous potential of this important property. We look forward to working together to reach that goal.
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